Information Collected

Registrations and applications. When you register for one of our events or programs, we collect information you provide to us, including your name, contact, and other information.

Payments. When you make a payment, we collect your name and other information necessary to process your payment.

Information you decide to share with us. You may choose to share information in the course of interacting with us. When you do, this information is received by us or a third party acting on our behalf.

Website usage. We collect details on the use of our website, such as the date and time our site was accessed, the page that was accessed, and the IP address from which it was accessed. We use cookies to authenticate users logging into our website. Additionally, Google uses cookies and collects other information to provide us with usage statistics. Learn how Google uses information from sites or apps that use their services.

Use of Information

Generally, we use the information we collect or receive for a variety of purposes related to carrying out the work of our mission:

  • To full your requests to participate in our events or programs
  • To process your applications, registrations, and payments
  • To monitor the performance of our website and resolve technical problems when they arise
  • To stay in contact with you regarding our mission

In certain cases, you may tell us to remove your information or not to use it. In such cases, we may still retain sufficient information in order to carry out your request. For example, if you request to be unsubscribed from our newsletter, we will not use your email address to send it to you, but we will keep it on file in order to prevent it from being adding it back to our mailing list without your consent.

Sharing Your Information

We share your information with third parties acting on our behalf in order to carry out the work of our mission. For example, we may share your name and address with a third party managing one of our events or programs in order to carry out that event or program and facilitate your participation. We may share your information with third parties to communicate with you on our behalf about our own products or services.

We do not sell or share your information with third parties wishing to advertise their products or services. We may share statistics publicly or privately with third parties, but only in an aggregate form that does not allow anyone to be personally identified.

Changing Your Information

We ask that you notify us when your information changes so we may continue to communicate to you and provide our services to you. You may do so by contacting us using any of the contact methods listed on our website.